ˇ¤Main Products
     Genuine gold leaf
     Genuine silver leaf
     Imitation gold leaf
     Imitation silver leaf
     Pure copper leaf
     Variegated leaf
ˇ¤New Products
     Ribbon leaf (metal leaf in roll)
     Transfer Imitation Leaf
ˇ¤Packing Forms
     Without interpaper
     With interpaper
     In booklet
     In roll (NEW)
ˇ¤Packing/Weight List
     Packing/Weight List
Order Processes

1. Quotations are offered according to your specific inquiries. When you inquire on any products, please help to state the necessary details (including the size, packing form, shipment means, your approx. order quantities, etc.). And then we could quote the prices accordingly.

2. After any order is concluded, payment in advance via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union will be preferred. If the order amount is small, payment via PAYPAL will also be accepted.

3. We could ship the goods to you by express, by air or by sea. Usually, for the goods in a volume less than 45 KGS, we ship them by express (TNT, UPS, DHL, FEDEX or others). 

***If you demand a small quantity, please refer to our another web: Thanks.

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